22 Mar 2010

Thank You!

GLASS Events would like to thank you all for being part of our community project and we hope you all enjoyed the exhibition & Awards Ceremony on Monday. Your input has been much appreciated and we have had such a great response from the public, press and Bournemouth Borough Council. 

We hope you have all had a great experience getting involved - it's great to see a wide selection of such creativity in our community.  

We will be keeping you all informed on any further development within the exhibition process this summer on the Pier, also we will keep in contact with you all on whether you would like to sell your photographs in the future.  

Thank You all again. 

The GLASS Events Team

20 Mar 2010

Award Ceremony

A massive huge big thank you to everyone involved in the project! We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks to everyone that attended the award ceremony. Here are some of the best photographs courtesy of Bertie! 

Martin Coyne, Documentary Photographer, Workshop Leader 

Andy Earl, International Photographer, Judge 

Prize Giving 

Clifton Beard, 3rd Prize 

Press Photographs 

GLASS Events Team and Judges 

The Judges and Winners 

Our Sponsors 
Short Courses at the Enterprise Pavilion and RELAYS

GLASS Events and the Sponsors 


GLASS Events and their Mentors 

Preparation for the Award Ceremony in Hot Rocks

The GLASS Events team were up bright an early down at the pier and Hot Rocks for the awards ceremony that evening. All slightly nervous but very excited!

See you all Later! 

Day 3 of the Exhibition

The sun is back out! Hurray! Day 3 was really busy in the pier, the whole team were out with sun glasses on. We had a couple of interviews on site creating press and competition entrants were out spotting their photographs.

Check it out

6 Mar 2010

Day 2 of the Exhibition

Off to a great start with the exhibition being featured in Saturday's Daily Echo, with a few lucky entries showcased to the Bournemouth community, inviting the public down

With the weather not as amazing as yesterday's, we thought we would be in trouble but the pier was just as busy, from tourists, student and locals. We even managed time for an ice cream!

Here are a few highlights from today, it was awesome to see how many people were interested in the historical photographs wanting to know more about what thing were like.

This selection of photographs illustrates the diversity, culture and community within Bournemouth which still view the pier as a historic, recognised and respective landmark within their town. The seaside persona is part of Bournemouth's upbringing, it's one of the reason why we love it! 

We were nearly swamped at one point! Crowd control! Must have been the lunchtime rush... 

Open air exhibition showcases Bournemouth in pictures

As well as being featured online the Bournemouth Echo have also featured a few of the photograph's in today's Saturday paper. The article is both online here below, and in full in the paper. See if you were one of the lucky ones!

=Through the Lens Daily Echo 6th March 2010

Day 1 of the Exhibition

We couldn't have asked for better weather, I had to go back to my house and collect my sun glasses it was that good. 

8.45am the GLASS Events team arrived at the pier spirits high to put up the exhibition, sponges and buckets at the ready to spring clean the pier ready we were surprised to see the divide was spotless! 

The GLASS Events Team

Our friends in the sea front team had already been busy cleaning it ready for the exhibition, so we would just like to give special thanks to them and their hard work as it really helped us out. 

Even as we were putting the exhibition up we had on lookers, it was turning out to be a busy Friday from such good weather. 

Here are some of the best pictures from the day.... 

See if you can spot yourself....